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IOTA Global is an organisation of the world’s most recognised military Information Operations, Psychological Operations and Influence professionals, backed by proven social and behavioural scientists, who provide capability transfer and advice to governmental clients, globally.  Our members have commanded Information Operations and Psychological Operations units on operations; they have written NATO and national doctrine; they lecture in the world’s Defence Academies. Teamed with some of the leading behavioural scientists in the field, there is no other organisation with the same experience and knowledge.



What we do


Using the most up to date doctrine, technology and social science we can train, mentor and deliver professional IO capability.












We can help you manoeuvre, against identified target audiences, in the cyber, space, air, land and maritime domains.



The globalization of the information environment has shrunk the technological advantage of conventional military capabilities. Having the biggest army, with the most tanks and aircraft, is now no guarantee of success. But not understanding how to operate in the information environment, and the behaviours of the people within, will increasingly guarantee failure. IOTA Global are the world’s experts. We deliver full spectrum technical and military expertise.



Our values


As predominantly ex-military Officers and diplomats  we understand the importance of discretion and we appreciate the needs of governmental and military organizations. We work only with clients approved by our own respective governments. All IOTA Global products and services are subject to Export Control regulation by the UK Government. Our expertise is so strong that we are the only commercial IO company subject to such conditions.




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